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Name the drug of choice for the treatment of Brucellosis?
  • A. Chloroquine
  • B. Tetracycline streptomycin
  • C. Alprazolam
  • D. Anti diuretic harmone.

Right Answer is :
B. Tetracycline streptomycin
Brucellosis is primarily a disease occurs in
  • A. Monkeys
  • B. Rats
  • C. Goats,sheeps,pigs
  • D. Children

Right Answer is :
C. Goats,sheeps,pigs
Hirsutism is a disease having which of the following
 characteristics / symptoms?
  • A. Alopecia
  • B. Excessive growth of hair on body
  • C. Grey colour of hair
  • D. None of these

Right Answer is :
A. Alopecia
If a dose of drug to be taken at 8AM is missed, 
the patient should take drug.
  • A. As soon as he remembered
  • B. He should taken two doses at 8PM
  • C. He should wait for 8am next day
  • D. He should stop taking treatment.

Right Answer is :
A. As soon as he remembered
Which of the following drugs is used as acidifier?
  • A. Dilute hydrochloric acid
  • B. Sodium bicarbonate
  • C. Mangnesium sulphate
  • D. Potassium permenganate.

Right Answer is :
A. Dilute hydrochl
Which of the following drugs is used as urinary antiseptic?
  • A. Nitrofurantoin
  • B. Indomethacin
  • C. Desmopressin
  • D. Chlopropamide

Right Answer is :
A. Nitrofurantoin
The Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH) has vasopressor 
effect due to which it is called as
  • A. Eelectrolyte
  • B. Trypsin
  • C. Vasopressin
  • D. None of these.

Right Answer is :
C. Vasopressin
Mannitol is adminstered to the patient by
  • A. Oral route
  • B. Intravenous infusion
  • C. By nasal inhalaation
  • D. By none of above routes.

Right Answer is :
B. Intravenous infusion
The diuretic when administered to a diabetic 
patient what precaution should be the taken?
  • A. To check blood sugar,urine sugar of the patient
  • B. Advise the patient to stop smoking
  • C. No need to monitor blood glucose
  • D. None of the above.

Right Answer is :
A. To check blood sugar,urine sugar of the patient
Name the medium efficacy diuretic
  • A. Acetazolamide
  • B. Hydrochlorthiazide
  • C. Bumetanide
  • D. Isosorbide.

Right Answer is :
B. Hydrochlorthiazide
Which of the following is weak diuretic?
  • A. Spironolactone
  • B. Clopamide
  • C. Bumetanide
  • D. Toraseminde.

Right Answer is :
A. Spironolactone
The diuretic action of frusimide (furosemide) goes on 
increasing with increasing dose.How much urine 
quantity is produced in a day Lasix (frusimide):
  • A. 1 litre
  • B. 5 litre
  • C. 10 liters
  • D. 20 litres

Right Answer is :
C. 10 liters
Which of the following drug is diuretic of high 
  • A. Mannitol
  • B. Amiloride
  • C. Xipamide
  • D. Frushimind

Right Answer is :
D. Frushimind
Diuretics are the drugs, while acting on nephrons.
  • A. Increase rate and volume of urine
  • B. Decrease urine volum
  • C. Neither decrease nor urine volume
  • D. None of the above

Right Answer is :
A. Increase rate and volume of urine
Inhalers after use?
  • A. Clean and dry after each use.
  • B. Keep as such
  • C. May be placed anywhere
  • D. Put in the pocket.
Which of the following anti tussive is not 
used in patient with glucoma.
  • A. Codeine
  • B. Noscapine
  • C. Carbetapentane
  • D. Pholcodine.

Right Answer is :
C. Carbetapentane
Calamine powder contain zinc oxide with?
  • A. Benzoic acid
  • B. Mercuric chlorIde
  • C. Ferric oxide
  • D. Salicylic acid.

Right Answer is :
C. Ferric oxide
Budesonide is a ?
  • A. A never anti hypertensive
  • B. A never anti leptic drug
  • C. A new bronchodilator
  • D. A new analgesic

Right Answer is :
A. A never anti hypertensive

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